Upgrade Your Microsoft Teams Rooms

Level the playing field with EXPAND Capture 5 – an intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams Rooms* that empowers your meeting participation. Transcribe your meetings automatically for quality collaborations, as if all were in the room together. The premium speaker driver and 7-microphone array deliver superior audio and voice recognition of every participant.

* Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows compute unit

EPOS, the leading provider of premium audio solutions, has been a long-term partner with Microsoft, the global leader in Unified Communications and collaboration, to provide you with the ultimate communication and collaboration experience.

Identify collaborators with ease

In Microsoft Teams Rooms, in-room participants are identified by their voice and a transcript of who said what and when is stored

Superior audio for the hybrid workplace

Premium speaker and 7-microphone array recognise all meeting participants and enable natural, lifelike conversations

Optimal Cortana assistance

Designed with Cortana in mind –high-quality speech capture enables you to speak to Cortana with confidence

Participate fully with automated transcription

Advanced voice recognition hears every participant and transcribes a live feed of your meeting automatically

Advanced search options

Searchable transcription of your meeting makes decision making and assigning actions easy

Auroz - Distributor of EPOS

EPOS is a leading manufacturer of audio collaboration devices used in unified communications and contact centres.

In Australia, Auroz is proud to represent the EPOS enterprise product range.

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